Monday, 7 February 2011

I think there's a lot of wisdom about love and life that we can learn from what other people carve or scratch into toilet doors.
This struck me when I went back to the Sunflower Lounge for drinks last week (I actually remember it this time which is a nice touch and a marked improvement from the last time I ventured in there.)
Anyway, I went to 'powder my nose' (nb. I'm far too kitschy to be able to say the word 'piss' here. I actually cringed just typing it) and staring me in the face was there words that girls over the years have chosen to leave behind.
Primarily clich├ęd but nonetheless encouraging tidbits about not giving up, and life getting better but there are a few that actually really touched me.
It's just something to consider on your next visit to the ladies. Or the gents. (I've been known to use either in situations of dire need).

Anyway, I feel a little detached from the 'real world' tonight, I'm in an impossibly nostalgic and over thoughtful mood and I'm waiting for my folks to call because we've had some awful news this weekend and I think we're anxious to see how each other are coping with it.
I'm mostly happy, though, for what it's worth. I went out with my church's street team last Tuesday and it was seriously the best thing I've done since being back. In an altruistic and entirely selfish way, because I'd forgotten how much good caring for other people does me. And factoring in slam poetry; open mic nights and coming back from watching a film to find my two amazing flat mates had baked a cake which the three of us consumed frighteningly quickly whilst watching Take Me Out, it seems life here is turning out to be exactly what I'd feared to hope it could be.