Monday, 6 December 2010

Oh, ummmm, hi Blogger.
It's, uhh, it's uhhhh, me. Look, I'm so sorry about temporarily abandoning you for tumblr.
But the server's down okay? It didn't love me like you did.
Did you miss me? I missed you. Really, I did.

Life's really changed since I lasted posted on here. It's actually quite a funny reminder looking back. Since the 13th March 2010 I've travelled the world, or at least an amazing slice of it. And I've started university in Birmingham, a city I'm growing to love more and more the quicker time slips away. Those are the two crucial landmarks of the last eight months. There are thousands and thousands of tiny little moments in between I'd love to savour forever: that idyllic cove in Spain, cider and sunsets at Reading '10, tea and scones at Alicia's, the most beautiful setting for a kiss since Paris, never quite managing to tan, the sunny day on the coast I love the most, and then the people I love who flood into almost every memory.
Oh! And I cut my hair.
And now, almost before I can blink, the lake is frozen over and I'm wrestling with my mustard yellow jacket every morning. And it starts to smell like Christmas.
Can you believe it?

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