Thursday, 24 December 2009

I gasp like sugar and spice

Totally not what any of us were expecting, but we had an ace night.
We blew off the 'hottest' club night Sunny Tunny has to offer in favour of mooching around in High Brooms. Highlights include Richard nearly killing me while me and Franz Kafka hunted down some nachos (AND WE ATE THE EFFING JALAPENOS AND NEARLY KILLED OURSELVES then realised that the cheese was gross and stringy so left the remains for the hedgehogs), ''jizzy mittens'', my first drive thru experience, honking repeatedly at greasey teens in gilets, running around the massive Tescos hunting for 'the Grand Drapper' only to be sorely disappointed, running barefoot through snow, drinking Buttercup cough syrup (do you remember the song?) and too many quotes to possibly recount.

1 comment:

  1. the grand drapper?! haha your night sounds crazy, lexie i miss you!xxx