Thursday, 31 December 2009

Best of 2009

It's closing in on two, I'm in my sweats and my really rather super vixen tshirt with an indulgently large glass of (parentally sponsored) white wine watching the first series of the big bang theory to try and rebuff the fear that comes with careering headfirst into the third decade of my existence.
Some pure, unadulterated highlights:
- Reading 2009, three slightly unsanitary days of music, music, bonfires, cider and music
- getting my act together enough to pass my A Levels and kiss goodbye to Tonbridge Grammar School for girls (with - for me - impressively few tears) for good
- The acest birthday ever
- 'Geeks and Freeks' night, Richard 'le saucy' Coatsworth playing me electric feel after hours of pleading, Fia trying to unpin her shorts enough to pee, cartwheels, vomit and takeaway pizza
- an unconventional valentines day and the demise of my favourite boots
- writing a song that gives me chills to listen back to
- SH09, meeting some fairly inspiring people and stripping my faith back to the radical basics
- a summer spent outside and still managing to remain the palest person you'll meet
- Paris. Beautiful, hilarious and perfect in a really cool, fucked up way
- the party that time forgot
- Three weeks immersing myself in American culture and counterculture, picking up some fairly awesome treats en route
- Finding a faux Luella dress for prom
- The fact that there were llamas at our prom
- A prom spent singing Bon Jovi with the greatest people
- Blowing more money in Topshop than I care to recount
- Discovering an entire genre of bands that kick copious amounts of ass without ever missing a beat or getting a perfectly coiffed hair out of place
- A week in New-key, seagulls, slightly dubious clubs and extremely dubious cocktails
- Spending a whole year head over mary-janes in love
- Starting a new job that simultaneously gives back and I enjoy doing
- Pretending to be mature enough to go for dinner before people start their uni adventures then ending up with an all-you-can-eat takeaway buffet picnic in Sainsbury's car park
- Freaking finally passing my bleeding driving test (well, they DO say fourth time lucky. Sometimes)
- The winter wonderland of Diciembre '09
- A pretend Christmas that rivalled the real one for the 'warm fuzzy' feelings

Thanks to everyone that made this year the best yet, let's make 2010 our year.

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