Wednesday, 18 November 2009

“I’ll never be perfect. I’m not talking about just looks or things like that, but in every part of life. I’ll always be flawed. The greatest feeling is knowing that I don’t have to be right. I've been ashamed and am still ashamed of things I’ve felt: hate, jealousy, lust, fear, pride, self consciousness, pure anger, pity, just plain hurt.” - Hayley Williams 29/10/09

I'm slowing coming to really understand the classic cheesey religious quote, ''being a Christian isn't about being perfect, it's about accepting that you aren't and having a relationship with the One that is." That even it's ok to be messed up, because everyone is. That following the rules isn't as important a part of what I believe as having grace abound so deeply within me, and that's pretty liberating.

Life will lived differently as of now.