Monday, 30 November 2009

they're just jealous cause we're young and in love

I cannot wait for this reunion
woolly jumpers + best friends + insane amounts of food + catching up = ♥
katy fry, beth stephens, sabrina kandoria, louise skinner, alix hope, sophie sabin, adam johnson, imogen buttery, fia leader and sophie brooks; i adore you all

Friday, 27 November 2009

Things I wish for:

♥ to be the girl in the 'Miss Dior Cherie' adverts
♥ that people would stop pretending homeless people don't exist
♥ to be able to walk into Topshop and casually select whatever I wanted to wear for that day
♥ that I could own a little black pug and call it Yoshi
♥ write something that really means something to someone
♥ to have hair like Zooey Deschanel
♥ to be properly able to put Isaiah 60 into action
♥ keep close to the people that mean the most
♥ to see the world
P.S. If you get a chance, pick up this week's copy of the Big Issue. The exclusive interview with Bob Dylan about his Christmas record is pretty killer.
Oh, and download Scholars 'Hydrochaesin' for free from

Thursday, 26 November 2009

oh seventeen, seventeen

My baby sister turned seventeen today.
Despite her pinching my adorable yellow coat to wear to school; we had the best evening in my all time favourite, super kitschy, Mexican restaurant. Where we gorged ourselves on nachos, burritos, rice, Mojitos, chilli, lemon sorbet and cheesecake while relentlessly mocking the crap hole that is where we live, and getting nostalgic about those other sixteen birthdays.
Seeing Bethany Rose Stephens in her now native Southampton today was also pretty wonderful.
"We're soulmates" ♥

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

“I’ll never be perfect. I’m not talking about just looks or things like that, but in every part of life. I’ll always be flawed. The greatest feeling is knowing that I don’t have to be right. I've been ashamed and am still ashamed of things I’ve felt: hate, jealousy, lust, fear, pride, self consciousness, pure anger, pity, just plain hurt.” - Hayley Williams 29/10/09

I'm slowing coming to really understand the classic cheesey religious quote, ''being a Christian isn't about being perfect, it's about accepting that you aren't and having a relationship with the One that is." That even it's ok to be messed up, because everyone is. That following the rules isn't as important a part of what I believe as having grace abound so deeply within me, and that's pretty liberating.

Life will lived differently as of now.

Friday, 13 November 2009

I've now, officially, started my job as a care worker.
Its, as was described to me by a colleague who I'm sure will end up a friend, 'not for the faint hearted,' but I've really surprised myself: I love it.
It's essentially just hanging out with, and helping out old people, making cups of tea and mundane chatter. But you really get the impression that even simply by showing up and doing what you're paid to, that you're making a real difference to their lives = genuine job satisfaction.
That being said, it's my day off today and I'm relishing the fact that it's nearly one and I'm still in pyjamas, on my fourth cup of tea (two sugars) watching the Gilmore Girls.
But, such is life, huh?

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

What's in your heart?

Henry went to Paris - Tellison

I put 'Hanover, start clapping' on my Paris mixtape and it's become one of those really evocative songs that I know however many years from now, will instantly bring back memories of sitting on Le Metro with my boy, giggling or making plans to walk from L'Arc de Triomphe to the gardens outside the Louvre.
I promise that this blog'll stop being so smitten and sugary sweet sometime soon, but right now I'm just revelling in the feeling that I'm finally living out my Sarra Manning dreams.