Friday, 23 October 2009

the feel of your pulse keeps me up at night

Sheffield was super ♥
(Rain; the ruin of my adorable Topshop mary janes (and consequently the smell of wet suede permeating every inch of his flat) and the feeling that drama follows me around like a puppy dog aside)
Highlights include being the only girl in a club wearing jeans and a sweater, the discovery of 'apple jack,' the fountain at the station, Nandos, sharing a pint of cider through a straw, the wheel of Sheffield, shopping, seeing an old friend, 'the bottle of Becks with the wolf please?', the bartender commenting on my dress, RUN DMC, dancing on the stage, little kisses, Canterbury/themotherfuckingcancerbats/Billy Talent, late night study sessions and Rocky bars.
Plus, I managed not to cry on the bus home, which was a one up on the time before when I snivelled all the way to Leicester.
The countdown to Paris officially starts now.

We're into the studio to record my favourite song of ours, which should hopefully be on iTunes before the end of the year (HOW ACE IS THAT?) which means a horribly early start, but I'll try and catch a few cheeky nods on the tube. But I finally finished the lyrics around Milton Keynes and think I like them, referenced Tubelord so it can't be that bad.

On a more domestic note, I really, really, mega miss people. Not even those at university but those closer to home who I just don't see as much as I'd really like to.
I'm trying to kick it old skool and organise a year ten-esque girlie sleepover - slasher flicks/unironic rom coms/Archers/pizza and giggling in hushed whispers about love, sex, friendship and anything, everything in between.

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  1. why don't i get the tubelord reference?! :( please tell me :(