Monday, 28 September 2009

Oh, blogger, i prefer you to tumblr

but this intrigued me

Ten things I wish I could say to ten different people:
10. i wish you wouldn't be so distant because i miss you so very much
9. sometimes i think you saved my life. you seem to get me completely, and i just wish you were happier
8. you can be so screamingly selfish, and you need to stop treating them like that, but i can't ever seem to hold it against you
7. it makes me afraid that i might not be able to keep you forever
6. i'm sorry for the way things are, and i admit it's my fault. i'm trying to rectify things
5. i'm not afraid of all the demons you've got
4. i don't really know you, but i pretty much wish i was you
3. i wish you'd learn to listen to me
2. despite the fact stuff is sometimes awkward, i think we might end up being best friends
1. i feel responsible for how you've turned out. but i like that deep down, you're still you

Nine things about myself:
9. i love my freckles, moles and scars 8. i'm fighting against my own sense of apathy, jealousy and anxiety 7. i wish i was smaller and less angular, amongst other things 6. fifteen minutes into (500) days of summer i knew it was going to be my favourite film 5. i'm pretty sure that tea runs in my veins instead of blood 4. i'm a sucker for anything that comes in a quirky bottle or tin 3. i want to be speak five different languages before twenty five. i'm on two so far 2. i often wake up with advert jingles in my head 1. i have thousands of dreams of who i'd like to be but i can never seem to pin down one road to follow. i always realise things too late.

Eight ways to win my heart in relationships:
8. buy me freesias or gerberas 7. be elusive but not rude, sweet but not saccharine 6.tell me your secrets and listen to mine 5. be your own person, question things, don't buy into a specific 'scene.' be generally intelligent 4. banter with me 3. be passionate about something 2. get on with my family 1. hold my hand in the street

Seven things that cross my mind a lot:
7. i'm hungry 6. i wish they were here 5. the rose print skirt from urban outfitters 4. i want to change things 3. lyrics 2. why do i never feel like i quite belong 1. i need a cup of tea

Six things I do before I fall asleep:
6. pray 5. set my hello kitty alarm clock 4. pee 3. make a cup of tea 2. read 1. wriggle til i'm comfortable

Five people who mean a lot:
any five people that can make me laugh and get me.

Four things you’re wearing right now:
4. my brand new hoody (i so love jesse lacey) 3. floral print leggings 2. white crocheted top (my version of pajamas) 1. heart detailed silver ring

Three songs that you listen to often:
3. anthems for a seventeen year old girl 2.pachuca sunrise 1. all babes are wolves

Two things you want to do before you die:
2. visit every continent 1. understand myself

One confession:
1. i'm afraid of the dark


  1. tumblr is so much better!

    I also love how in the 10 persons thing almost anyone that reads it can think of several they might be!

  2. i can't think of any i'd be haha. and yes, tumblr's better

  3. should i take it as a bad sign that i do maybe three of the "eight ways..."?
    whooops :S