Friday, 11 September 2009

HOW adorable is this jacket? Tres parisian chique ♥
It looks what you'd wear whilst sitting in a café in Monmartre, sipping a freshly percolated coffee reading something by Emile Zola (my advice? don't start with Nana. ease into his downbeat realism with uber romantic Le Rêve) with Regina Spektor on your trusty ipod.
I get all choked up with excitement when trying to talk about my impending trip to the city of love, I'm verging on starting a mental countdown.
If you've got a free minute on, check out the track 'trying my best to love you' from Jenny Lewis's record Acid Tongue. As if she needed to prove how incredible she is after years in Rilo Kiley, she collaborates with She & Him and Elvis Costello. A-freaking-mazing.

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